Brad Schimel seeks nearly $5M to raise prosecutors pay


Attorney General Brad Schimel is asking $4.8 million from Governor Walker’s state budget to raise the pay of state prosecutors.

“We can fund pay progression for both years of the biennium for all of the prosecutors and at this point we don’t have a commitment but the offer has been made and they are very interested,” Schimel said in a recent interview.

The Governor’s office declined to comment on Schimel’s request, because the budget isn’t finalized yet. reports

The proposal comes after Schimel said in early 2016 that getting more funding to state prosecutors to increase staffing levels would be a priority for him in the upcoming budget process.

Schimel said this money, however, would be used for recruiting and retaining prosecutors instead of more staff.

In their 2017-19 budget request, the state’s district attorneys have asked for $7.9 million to fund pay raises for assistant district attorneys and deputy district attorneys. The request also seeks $16.2 million to send to counties to create an additional 113 prosecutor positions. The state’s DAs and public defenders are overseen by the Department of Administration, not DOJ, according to DOJ spokesman Johnny Koremenos.

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