BREAKING NEWS: Milwaukee Radio Gets Progressive


MILWAUKEE – For far too long, Milwaukee’s airwaves have been dominated by five ultra-conservative talk radio hosts, none of which reflect the diversity of our community’s views and opinions. Without diverse voices on the air, Milwaukee’s right-wing radio monopoly has played a key role in dividing our cities and suburbs, shifting public opinion to the far right, demonizing teachers and workers, and swinging our elections.

Today, Citizen Action Organizing Cooperative’s Radio-Active campaign is excited to announce the acquisition of Milwaukee’s 1510 AM.

On February 1, the station owned by our broadcasting ally Michael Crute of Devil’s Advocates Radio will officially launch on Milwaukee’s public airwaves.

Citizen Action’s Radio-Active Campaign–a grassroots team of hundreds of community activists and leaders who have organized to hold Milwaukee’s right-wing media monopoly accountable–is committed to putting more politically diverse voices on our public airwaves. 1510 AM will share that commitment to airing views that reflect the true diversity of opinion in the Milwaukee market, rather than serving as another radical right-wing echo chamber or get-out-the-vote machine. We look forward to supporting the new independent station at startup and well into the future.

Click here to learn more about how you can help! 

The launch of 1510 AM provides progressives with a tremendous opportunity to change the conversation in southeastern Wisconsin–and with your help, we can make a real impact on our state’s political direction. Click here to support the return of progressive radio by becoming a member of our Radio-Active campaign for media fairness, by volunteering, joining a members-only conference call, or by learning how you can advertise on 1510 AM.

Please join us in warmly welcoming 1510 AM to Milwaukee and support Radio-Active to help us get and keep progressive voices on our airwaves today!

Listen to Citizen Action of Wisconsin latest Battleground Podcast, featuring Mike Crute (co-host of the Devil’s Advocates radio show). The podcast also discusses Scott Walker’s punitive plan to force parents with children to work a minimum of 80 hours a month to receive food stamps and housing assistance, while the Walker economy continues to hemorrhage family supporting jobs. Also the panel discusses shocking new cost estimates for one of Walker’s biggest corporate tax loopholes, his latest assault on worker rights, and new evidence that private school tax break passed by the GOP in the middle of the night is going primarily to wealthier Wisconsinites. We also weigh in on the latest Trump assaults on civil liberties. We welcome Milwaukee County Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic to talk about the County Board’s resolution this week opposing all forms of discrimination and pledging that Milwaukee County will remain a safe place for undocumented immigrants — regardless of federal law.

This announcement is from Citizen Action of Wisconsin’s Radio-Active Campaign.