Kenosha schools attempt to police girls bodies


Imagine being a young girl going to school and having your administrators tell you what to wear, in an attempt to help boys not be distracted by your outfit.

That’s what Kenosha Unified Schools are doing and it’s clearly body-shaming young girls.

At a school board meeting on Tuesday night, a parent told the board to drop the ban on yoga pants and leggings.

“Telling girls that they can only wear yoga pants under a tunic is forcing the objectification of the female body onto 11-year-old girls. This makes it the girls’ responsibility to cover up their already covered body because the very shape of their body is a distraction to other students – boys, in particular,” said Kate Trudell, the parent of an 11-year-old middle school aged-boy, and two female toddlers.

According to the Kenosha News, Board member Rebecca Stevens is committed to changing the dress code policy. “I have asked in the past that this policy come up for dress code, and I’ve been ignored. I will not be ignored anymore,” Stevens said. “It’s a very old policy, and it needs to be looked at again.”

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