Speaker Ryan makes healthcare plans clear


Congressional Republicans have all the power and they aren’t wasting any time using it. Part of a proposed package to repeal the Affordable Care Act, House Speaker Paul Ryan will defund Planned Parenthood.

This comes under a reconciliation bill introduced earlier this week. The bill ultimately blocking any filibuster attempts by Democrats to protect the Affordable Care Act. In a separate statement, Ryan said Democrats are “trying to scare Americans into trying to keep Obamacare.”

Ryan continued to the Republican talking point that the Affordable Care Act is a failed law. He said, “The law is failing very quickly, and that means people have nothing. Or, if they have health insurance, their deductable is so high it doesn’t feel like you have insurance. And their premiums are going up double digits….So, we have an obligation to protect our country from a failing health care system which is Obamacare.”

Democrats and health care advocates have said things to the contrary. Reports show nearly 20 million Americans have gained healthcare coverage under the ACA.

Repealing the ACA is at the top of the priority list for Congressional Republicans, and they don’t have a replacement plan – literally leaving millions of lives to hang in the balance. Top Republicans leaders President-elect Donald Trump, Speaker Ryan and Gov. Walker will continue to play politics with the American people.

If Planned Parenthood loses vital federal funds, tens of thousands of patients across the United States, 60,000 patients in Wisconsin – many of whom have low-incomes, will lose access to high quality services of preventive care, cancer screenings and birth control.

Citizen Action of Wisconsin, says if the Affordable Care Act is repealed, 430,000 Wisconsinites stand to lose healthcare coverage, literally leaving their lives hanging in the balance of the unknown, while Congressional Republicans continue to play politics with the lives of everyday Americans.

Incoming President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, Tanya Atkinson said in a statement, “here at Planned Parenthood, our patients don’t come to us to make a political statement – they come because we provide the high quality, compassionate and affordable health care that they need…We believe strongly that a woman should be able to make that decision without political interference.”

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin has an 80-year-history in Wisconsin and they aren’t showing signs of backing down from this political grandstanding.

Atkinson added, “Planned Parenthood is committed to ensuring all people of Wisconsin have access to the health care they deserve, no matter their income, ethnicity, sexual identity, or immigration status…Now that Speaker Ryan’s plan is clear, supporters in Wisconsin are ready to defend care with everything we’ve got.”

Republican leaders led by Trump, Speaker Ryan and Gov. Walker continue to show their true colors without revealing actual plans to improve the lives of the American people. Congressional Republicans have used their first week back in session to give a glimpse into the next four years of the Trump era – and if this week is any indication, it’s going to be a long, painful ride.