State of Wisconsin’s children precarious as Walker to deliver annual address

The Wisconsin Council on Children & Families said today that tens of thousands of Wisconsin children still lack basic access to health care in advance of Governor Scott Walker’s annual State of the State address. 
“If we want to have a healthy, well-educated workforce that can not only compete in a global economy but can also take care of us in our old age, then we must invest now in excellent schools, safe communities, and high quality health care,” said the Council. 
The council noted that more than 200,000 Wisconsin children live in poverty, and that median household income declined by more than $2,000 in the last eight years. They also said there has been a “dangerously high decline in the number of children receiving subsidized early care and education, with declines in some rural counties of over 50%.
There were some positives, as the Council observed. More Wisconsin preschoolers are able to utilize public four-year-old kindergarten, fewer teenagers are committing crimes, and the teen brith rate has fallen drastically.
You can see their entire pre-State-of-the-State message here.