Wisconsin Dems, GOP members split on Trump’s Muslim ban

Gettysburg PA USA - October 22 2016: Presidential candidate Donald Trump brings his campaign battle to Gettysburg by announcing 'First 100 days' agenda and promises of legislation and executive orders.

No surprises here but the Wisconsin delegation is split when it comes to Trump’s latest executive order. The order bans people from seven Muslim-majority countries entering the U.S. for 90 days.

Official headshot of Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D-Milwaukee)

U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore, a Democrat from Milwaukee, said the order was “xenophobic” and “repulsive.” Madison Democrat, Mark Pocan said it “uses hateful, divisive tactics to scapegoat and discriminate against refugees and citizen of certain Muslim nations.”

As usual, strong supporters of Donald Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, and GOP House member Sean Duffy have all spoken out in support of the ban.

Paul Ryan said in a statement, “I support the refugee resettlement program, but it’s time to reevaluate and strengthen the visa vetting process…President Trump is right to make sure we are doing everything possible to know exactly who is entering our country.”

Sean Duffy said, “Radical Islamic terror groups like ISIS openly exploit the West’s refugee programs to incite or carry out acts of terrorism. We deserve to know who enters or leaves our country, as well as their intent. President Trump is fulfilling a campaign promise to re-evaluate our visa vetting process so that the American people are safe from terrorism.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports

Republican Jim Sensenbrenner, the state’s most senior lawmaker, initially said over the weekend that it was right to include green card holders in the temporary ban.

But he retracted that in a statement Sunday night, saying he “misspoke” and “I apologize for the confusion.”

He defended the broader policy, saying: “In terms of the pause itself, it’s important to emphasize that this isn’t about religious affiliation, it’s about national security and keeping Americans safe.”

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