Battleground Wisconsin Podcast: Duffman says no


The presumed GOP front runnerĀ for U.S. Senate, reality TV star turned Congressman Sean Duffy, says no to challenging Tammy Baldwin in 2018.

We discuss the wild State Superintendent race where progressive incumbent Tony Evers is being challenged by two conservatives in Tuesday’s primary. This week the story broke that the conservative opponents tried to negotiate a deal that would guarantee one of them a three year $150,000/year job, a driver, and sweeping control of over several urban school districts in return for dropped out of the race.

We review state GOP efforts to pay lawyers $175,000 more for redistricting lawsuit, a new bill to greatly restrict who can request an election recount, and Gov. Walker backtracks on a nearly $10 million loophole in the Manufacturing and Agricultural Tax Credit.

Robert gives us an update on the latest GOP House plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act while Sen. Ron Johnson ducks public town halls during the upcoming congressional recess.

Listen here.

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