MPS passes district-wide uniform policy


MILWAUKEE – The Milwaukee Public Schools board of directors passed a district-wide uniform policy, at a meeting held Thursday evening. The policy is one of several reforms that MPS Superintendent Dr. Darienne Driver made to the board in November.

The MPS “Uniforms and Student Dress Code” policy will go into effect for the 2017-2018 school year, but schools do have the option to opt-out by April 1, 2017.

Bobby Tanzilo of writes:

Here is what you need to know about the new MPS “Uniforms and Student Dress Code” policy.

1. The policy goes into effect at the start of the 2017-18 school year.

2. The policy applies to all MPS schools.

3. The policy does not apply to summer school and the new, so-called “J-Term” summer credit recovery program.

4. The policy underwent a number of changes, which you can see in this document, which scores out an earlier draft.

5. The policy imposes “Basic Uniform Guidelines,” which can be read here. Those directives include things like “Full-length pants, cropped pants, cargo pants and straight-legged capri pants are permitted. Denim jeans, pedal pushers and bell bottoms are not permitted.”

6. Schools will “design” their own uniforms based on these guidelines.

7. School principals are charged with finding the lowest-cost uniforms for their schools.

8. Economically disadvantaged students will get financial help to buy uniforms.

9. Parents will be informed of each school’s uniform policy at least three months before the first day of school (Sept. 5, 2017 for traditional calendar schools).

10. Schools may opt out of the uniform policy if at least 66 percent of the school community opposes it.

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