NFL Quarterback Kaepernick donations thousands to Wisconsin organizations


Colin Kaepernick, 49ers quarterback who grabbed national media attention earlier this season when he would “take a knee” during the national anthem before games. Now his foundation, the Colin Kaepernick Foundation is now donating $1 million of his salary to organizations that are fighting against racial oppression and social injustices. Several of the organizations who received support are in Wisconsin. Since November, $300,000 out of the $1 million has been donated.

In October, Kaepernick donated $25,000 to Urban Underground in Milwaukee, Wis. Urban Underground works with teen to assist with college applications, offers leadership training, and provides job opportunities.

The funds from the Kaepernick foundation will be used to fund stipends for youth to participate in activities, a youth retreat, a new van for transportation, updating Mac computers and building an entrepreneurship program. 

Executive Director of Urban Underground Sharlen Moore told USA Today Network, “For (larger, national non-profits), that’s a drop in the bucket. For us, $25,000 is huge. We can do a lot with $25,000,” said Moore.

Another Milwaukee organization, the I Will Not Die Young Campaign was given $25,000. This campaign was founded by four African-Americans in the Milwaukee community.

Muhibb Dyer is a nationally known poet, and speaker and co-founder of the I Will Not Die Young Campaign. He is also the co-founder of Flood the Hood with Dreams. Dyer works to bring the art of spoken word to youth.

Of the $25,000 donation, $5,000 will be used to pay for an event organizer, project manager, performer, facilitator for 10 intense healing workshops for chronically at risk youth and 10 mock funeral all school assemblies. 50 youth leaders will be awarded a $100 stipend to perform peer outreach. $5,000 will be used for follow-up counseling services. More of the breakdown of these funds and others, can be found at the Kaepernick Foundation website.

Many people criticized Kaepernick’s national anthem protests but now he’s putting money out to lead action against oppression.

“If he didn’t do what he did, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now. Urban Underground wouldn’t have received the funds we did,” Moore said. “He is one of the very few people who has re-invested his own money back into communities that really needed the support.”








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