Paul Ryan’s healthcare replacement is no plan at all

The long-awaited Affordable Care Act replacement plan has been released, but it's underwhelming and leaves out swaths of low-to-middle income Americans.


Two key provisions of the Affordable Care Act were to provide coverage for lower-income people, by expanding Medicaid and giving tax credits based on income so people with middle to higher incomes are have affordable health insurance. Now, the Republicans Affordable Care Act “replacement plan” has finally been released, but it’s no plan at all.

Spearheaded by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, the plan effectively demonstrates that Ryan and lead Republicans don’t care about the health of those American’s who don’t have a lot of money or access to resources.

Paul Ryan has been running away from his hometown, and unlike some of his Republican colleagues, Ryan hasn’t held any townhall meetings to hear from real people who are impacted by his polices.

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