Planning a wedding? Read this first


10 years ago when Milwaukeeans Angela and Greg Quigley were planning their wedding, they wish they had what couples have now: Married in Milwaukee.

Co-Owners, Angela and Greg Quigley at the Wisconsin Photographer’s Holiday Party. Photo by JBe Photography

Married in Milwaukee is the site the Quigley’s created five years ago to help couples in Milwaukee plan their wedding with a “one-stop” shopping experience.

The couple recently sat down with Shepherd Express to talk about common mistakes couples make when planning for their big day:

I imagine running a website like this you must discover all kinds of information you wish you’d known before your own wedding.

Angela: Oh absolutely. I’ve written a couple articles where it’s four things I would do differently if I were getting married now. I think the big one was when we got married we did not use a professional photographer. And now we see all these beautiful images from weddings taken by professional photographers, and it’s like, “Arg!” So that’s one of our biggest regrets.

Greg: One of the things that being in this industry has taught us is about all of the different wedding vendors out there that are amazing artists. There are these amazing photographers, and amazing DJs and amazing caterers—you name it, it keeps going on and on. So we see this amazing art that people are producing. They just happen to be producing it for weddings and making a living off of it.

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