Trump borrows from Walker’s Act 10 playbook


WAUWATOSA – Gov. Walker is in talks with President Donald Trump’s administration to find out how move pieces of Act 10, the law that stripped collective bargaining for most public workers in Wisconsin.

He and Vice President Mike Pence spoke about “what we’ve done here in Wisconsin, how they may take bits and pieces of what we did with Act 10 and with civil service reform, and how they could apply that at the national level.”

Labor unions nationally and in Wisconsin are in for a fight against Gov. Walker’s influence in Trump’s anti-worker policies.

In an e-mail solicitation the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO said, “Workers have been speaking out and the hearing for President Donald Trump’s nominee for labor secretary, Andrew Puzder, has been delayed, for the fourth time.” Puzder is known for his anti-worker policies and ideas, including:

  • Railing against increasing the minimum wage and expanding overtime.
  • Shortchanging workers at his Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s restaurants and even refused to pay managers overtime they earned.
  • Talking about replacing working people with machines.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports

Moving to end or restrict collective bargaining for federal workers or private-sector workers would likely provoke a major standoff between labor unions and the new Trump administration. So far, Trump has tried to keep himself in good standing with private-sector unions by meeting with trade union leaders and emphasizing his plans to invest in infrastructure to create construction jobs.

Soon after he took office in 2011, Walker advanced Act 10, which forced most state, school and local government employees to pay more for their benefits and ended their ability to negotiate over their working conditions. It sparked the biggest protests in Madison since the 1960s and led to two years of recall elections for members of both parties.
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