Walker’s food share proposals impact families


RACINE – Gov. Walker’s proposed changes to the requirement of how many hours working parents must meet in order to receive food share is met with various reactions from hunger justice advocates.

Sherrie Tussler, Executive Director of Hunger Task Force of Milwaukee told The Journal Times, “The governor has said they would just reduce the parent’s (food stamps) benefit if they did not comply. But we all know that when people sit down to eat, they do that together as families.”

The Journal Times reports

The proposal, which Walker pitched last month, comes about two years after the state voluntarily did away with a Great Recession-era waiver that had allowed able-bodied adults without school-aged children to be exempt from longstanding federal food stamp work requirements.

Requiring able-bodied adults with dependent children to follow the same requirements won’t be as simple.

Federal food stamp law exempts able-bodied adults caring for children from such requirements, so Walker may need permission from President Donald Trump or Congress to implement the rule.

Walker’s office has said the governor would seek federal waivers where needed.

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