Billboard in Janesville shows Speaker Ryan not fit for the job


JANESVILLE – Today, Speaker Ryan is out doing what he does best, avoiding his constituents. In an invite-only session, he’s hosting Vice President Mike Pence and others, including Sen. Ron Johnson in his hometown of Janesville, to push failed economic reforms – including the shadowy plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. This afternoon, the pair will be touring Blain Supply. Blain Supply is the corporate headquarters which operates Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Recently, a group put up a billboard in Janesville to call attention to the fact that Speaker Ryan is not doing his job by protecting his Republican allies.

What other facts does Paul Ryan need?

Everyday more disasters and leaks are coming from the Trump administration. It’s imperative that top Republicans, including Speaker Ryan focus on getting all the facts about Trump and those close to him.

The most recent scandal over Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his ties to Russia is of particular importance, because Sessions lied under oath to Congress.

Ryan recently said that Sessions doesn’t need to recuse himself from the ongoing investigations into the Trump-Russia connection. “If he himself is the subject of an investigation, of course he would,” Ryan said about President Donald Trump’s attorney general. “But if he is not, then I do not see any purpose or reason to doing this.”

Maybe someone should investigate Paul Ryan for not doing his job?





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