Swan art exhibit brings women artists together


MILWAUKEE – Over the weekend, artists gathered from all over Milwaukee and other cities around the country to celebrate the collective, intersectional power and diversity of local women artists.

Support Women Artists Now or SWAN Day is in its second year in Milwaukee, but nationally events have been taking place for a decade. The exhibitions opening reception was held on March 25 at a local art gallery, RedLine Milwaukee, located at 1422 N. 4th Street.

Local artist Jamie Bilgo Bruchman organized the Milwaukee event.

Jamie Bilgo Bruchman, organizer of SWAN Day MKE. Photo Credit: Jake Hill. 

“Women artists are creating change in their communities and around the world,” said Martha Richards, the co-founder of SWAN Day nationally. “This day of celebration will help people imagine what the world would be like if women’s art and perspectives were fully integrated into all of our lives.”

All of the art work during SWAN Day incorporates the element of a swan, which represents transformation. The artists shared their own versions of transformation. The opening reception was also a way to raise funds and awareness about women’s basic rights.



SWAN Day MKE opening reception collected a total of $400 for Meta House Milwaukee & Lutheran Social Services Refugee Resettlement Aid – and took the funds collected to go shopping for menstrual supplies. A swan, appropriately named Flo, was created just for this event. Flo was made out of menstrual supplies by Isabelle Spike.

‘Flo’ pictured with Wendy Diedrich.

All of the SWAN art is available for viewing at the RedLine Gallery, through April 22, Thursdays 10-7, Friday and Saturday 10-3. The event is free and open to the public.









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