VP Pence, Speaker Ryan push failed economics in Janesville


JANESVILLE – House Speaker Paul Ryan‘s hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin is a town filled with hard-working Wisconsinites who have been devastated by disastrous trickle-down policies in recent years.

Major employers in the town have closed without real plans to help displaced workers, causing many families to struggle. The documentary, As Goes Janesville, details the suffering in the town, and how many American’s are left adrift by terrible policies.

Today, Vice President Mike Pence will be in Janesville touting President Trump’s economic agenda, including the repeal and replacement for the Affordable Care Act.

According to the Janesville Gazette, Pence will be visiting Blain Supply, 3507 E. Racine St. which is the distribution and corporate headquarters for Blain Supply, which operates Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

Jane Blain-Gilbertson, owner and CEO of Blain Supply, said in a prepared statement that she agreed to host the event because it would give local people who represent “multiple generations of local farm-owned businesses” a chance to speak to the vice president about issues that matter to them.

Wisconsin Democratic Party spokesman Brandon Weathersby said instead of talking about replacing the federal health care law that he said was “getting more popular by the day,” Pence and Ryan should instead be focused on Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his communications with the Russian government.

Paul Ryan is expected to join Pence for a speech at Noon. This event is not open to the public. But the Janeville Gazette reports, “The company said Pence will speak to about 350 people, including Blain Supply employees and others in the community who received invitations.”

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