Woman travels to Milwaukee for unconventional surgery


MILWAUKEE – For Texas native, Valerie Johnson, who competes in fitness competitions, doctors in Austin couldn’t perform the life-saving surgery she needed so they recommended she come to Wisconsin.

Valerie Johnson

Johnson experienced hemorrhaging in her brain and the technologies are advancing so rapidly now, that doctors can’t keep up.

Dr. Amin Kassam, the VP of Neurosciences at Aurora Health Care was ready and waiting for Johnson to arrive.

“I could not have done Valerie’s surgery two years ago. That’s how recent the technology revolution is,” Kassam toldĀ Fox 6 NEWS.

Johnson’s surgery was so complex that the team had to operate on her while she was awake so that they could monitor memory, movement and language, in real time.

Dr. Rovin, another member of the operating team said Johnson’s awake brain surgery is rare. “Across the country it’s pretty unusual. Here’s, it’s something that we do a lot of.”