Young woman’s faith guides her floral business


WEST BEND – More and more millennials (people born between 1981 and 1996) are falling away from traditional religious beliefs and not attending church services as much as generations before them did.

But for Amanda Strassburg, her faith influences her life and the business she runs. For the past six years, Amanda has owned and operated her floral shop, Consider the Lilies, from her home and barn in Barton.

The name, Consider the Lilies, has a biblical message. In the book of Luke, Jesus is speaking to his disciples about worry and he says, “consider the lilies.”

Originally from Menomonee Falls, Strassburg has no formal teaching in floral design and arrangements, but got her start working in a private studio on weddings and other events. Strassburg told the Washington County Insider, “I got a lot of my education through the industry, working different seminars and conventions and traveling around the country.”

Now Strassburg is taking her style that she calls, “modern floral art” to a building in downtown West Bend. A two-story building at 136 S. Main Street will be Consider the Lilies new home, come May.

According to the Washington County Insider, Strassburg was drawn to the building:

“The gorgeous lime green tin ceiling is my favorite thing,” Strassburg said. “I love the color lime green and it’s appropriate this year because the Pantone Color Institute, based in the United States, projects color trends of the year for home interiors, floral and clothing design. This year the color for 2017 happens to be greenery. Plus I’ve used green a lot in my marketing and branding and when I saw the ceiling I instantly knew.”

Strassburg gravitated to downtown West Bend because of the variety of shops, restaurants and locally-owned establishments.  “People from outside the community seem to really want to come and explore the downtown,” she said.

Strassburg said, “Every occasion in life is a great opportunity to celebrate with flowers and I have to remind people of that.”

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