Former teacher admits to having sex in classroom with a student


WAUKESHA-  A former Menomonee Falls teacher was convicted of three felonies for a sexual relationship she developed with a 16-year-old student.

April M. Novak, 32, told investigators that she and her victim “had very strong feelings for each other,” which led to them having sexual encounters in her classroom. Novak was a reading teacher and literacy coach at Menonomee Falls High School.

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The boy told investigators that the two had agreed not to tell anyone about their sexual relationship.

According to a statement Novak gave to an officer right after resigning Dec. 12, 2015, she was helping the boy, a junior, and their relationship quickly became closer until they were regularly having sex, while clothed, on a couch in her classroom during fourth and eighth hours. She was on birth control and the boy used a condom that he would discard in a styrofoam coffee cup.

She said her husband knew that she was helping the boy with rides and food, and became suspicious more was involved. The couple have since divorced.

Novak told the detective she thought of taking her life by driving into a railroad bridge with her two young sons in the car, and still had strong feelings for the boy but was “willing to get help and get my life straightened out.” After about four hours of interrogation, Novak was committed for a mental review.


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