Gateway to Wisconsin is in a “sweet” spot


According to County Executive Jim Kreuser, Kenosha County is in great shape.

“The State of Kenosha County is very, very strong and Kenosha County is leading the way in many, many areas,” Kreuser said. “We are in great financial shape at a AA+ bond rating, we have solid reserves and we continue to be the sweet spot in the state for economic development and jobs.”

The German candy maker, Haribo, has selected Kenosha County for its first North American manufacturing plant. The company expects to bring in 400 jobs, with its investment of $250 million.

Kenosha News covered Kreuser’s State of the County Address, including what the future holds for the area:

Kreuser said the county, city, town of Paris and the village of Somers are about six weeks out from voting on an intergovernmental agreement that will “end border wars” and maximize the equalized value potential along the I-94 corridor by supporting the “highest and best use” of the land there.

Under the agreement, the city of Kenosha has agreed to provide water service to the area. Paris has agreed to transfer identified parcels into the development area as property owners wish to connect to the system and will provide a $5 million revolving loan fund to Somers. Paris and Somers will share revenue from new development.

KenoshaNews has more on the development and the County Executive’s speech.

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