Milwaukee County making changes to GO Pass


MILWAUKEE – Since its inception, the GO Pass program, that provides free bus passes on Milwaukee County Transit System to senior citizens and individuals with disabilites, has been a source of controversy.

Even with the best intentions, the program has been flawed for a while. In late 2014, the Board of Milwaukee County Supervisors ignored warnings from MCTS about the cost of the program, and now big changes are afoot for the program.

UrbanMilwaukee reports that on June 26,

the program will no longer be free, but will still provide a substantially discounted ticket to those that need it. Those who qualify for the program under a new means test will be able to use their card to purchase a day pass for $1 at any MCTS fare outlet or on-board the bus.

Approximately 11,000 of the 26,000 current GO Pass holders will have their passes deactivated on June 12th because they failed an initial means test. To be eligible for the program, those over 65 must be receiving Medicaid or FoodShare. Those under 65 must either received Social Security or have a Veterans Disability designation and receive Medicaid or FoodShare benefits.

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