New research at MSOE impacts worldwide technology


MILWAUKEE – A small university in Milwaukee is currently conducting research that move technologies across the region and the world.

The Fluid Power Institute at Milwaukee School of Engineering recently held an educational seminar last week that brought in participants from various parts of the Midwest.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“People don’t realize that Disney World would not function without fluid power,” said Tom Wanke, director of the Fluid Power Institute at Milwaukee School of Engineering.

MSOE has partnered with the National Fluid Power Association, also based in Milwaukee, to offer education seminars, the first of which was held last week and attracted participants from Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and South Dakota.

The engineering school has done industry-funded research for off-road equipment makers Caterpillar, Joy Global and John Deere. Those companies, and many others like them, have strong ties to Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest.

Roughly 75% of the nation’s fluid power industry is located within 300 miles of Milwaukee, from Chicago to Minneapolis, a product of the region’s industrial heritage.

Read more about the fluid power institute, here.

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