Trump budget proposal hits close to home


WAUSAU – Under a current White House budget proposal, $3 billion in aid for the community development block grant program. The CDBG programs are vital to providing stable housing and safe neighborhoods throughout the country.

The Wausau Daily Herald reports

The block grants funnel federal funds to cities to help eliminate blight, aid small businesses and generally support low- and moderate-income residents. Wausau has received just over $500,000 annually in recent years.

“Are these monies important to Wausau? Absolutely,” said Tammy Stratz, Wausau’s community development manager. Cutting the program, she said, could have a trickle-down effect on the community.

The Wausau City Council voted unanimously last week to declare to federal officials from Wisconsin the importance of block grant funding here. According to the council’s resolution, the “funding is necessary to continue to assist … lower income citizens with (Housing and Urban Development) approved programs.”

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