Trump’s Immoral Health Care – Battleground Wisconsin Podcast


MILWAUKEE – President Trump threatened to sabotage the Affordable Care Act this week, showing his willingness to play politics with the lives of the American people. We discuss what this act of political terror portends for the GOP’s ability to pass a disastrous healthcare bill. We talk about the continued ducking of public town halls by Sen. Ron Johnson and Rep. Paul Ryan, while other members of Congress, like Glenn Grothman, hold packed public hearings to try and defend themselves on GOP health care plans. Paul Ryan’s star maybe fading with Americans but he is still popular with big money special interests who helped him raise tens of millions. The 2018 elections have a new progressive Attorney General candidate named Josh Kaul, a former federal prosecutor who also recently took on incumbent Brad Schimel over Republican voter suppression laws. We preview the “March for Science” in Madison on April 22nd and review the strong rebuke by Wisconsin sportsman of key GOP anti-environmental legislation at this week’s Conservation Congress.

Listen here.