Wisconsin dairy farmers close to finding a solution


Due to an international trade dispute, Wisconsin dairy farmers are scrambling to find a buyers for their milk supply.

Canada recently changed their milk practices to benefit Canadian farmers but the change is costly and scary for many U.S. farmers – including some in Wisconsin.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports

State and federal lawmakers in the U.S. have urgently sought short-term solutions along with an investigation of trade pacts with Canada. The situation has drawn the attention of President Donald Trump.

Thursday, dairy farmers close to the situation said nearly all of the 58 farms under contract with Grassland will have milk buyers by the end of the week, even if the agreements are short-term.
It keeps the farms from having to dump their milk starting Monday. The farms’ cows have to be milked several times a day, 365 days a year, whether or not there’s a buyer for the product.
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