Woman attacked in anti-Muslim crime


MILWAUKEE – A Milwaukee woman was attacked in what city officials are calling a hate crime. The woman is choosing to remain anonymous at this time. Milwaukee County Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic condemned the attack in a statement, “It’s a sad day in America when we have to remind each other that this country was founded on religious freedom. It’s clear from the account of the survivor that Monday’s attack on a Muslim woman was a hate crime and motivated by a hatred for her religious beliefs. That’s why I’ve reached out to District Attorney Chisholm and encouraged him to prosecute this despicable act as a hate crime.”

The Undefeated reports,

Although she managed to return home after the attack, the woman may have suffered a seizure while she was trying to call for help. Eventually she was hospitalized, and she was released Wednesday.

In a city often cited as the most segregated in the country, Friday prayer at this mosque may be the most diverse moment in a metropolitan area defined by racial concentration and hierarchy. Standing in defiance to this segregated reality, a mosaic of Muslims stand heel to heel and shoulder to shoulder, indivisible.

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