Friendly ‘neighbor’ sign receives unfriendly welcome

Photo by Raina Johnson.

Since the election of Donald Trump, there has been a lot of discussion in communities around ‘sanctuaries’ and immigration.

Dean Zimmerman, a Sheboygan county resident, took those matters into his own hands when he purchased 170 welcome signs and attempted to spread them throughout Sheboygan county.

Dean Zimmerman (photo credit: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel).

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Jim Stingl has more:

“I think many of them ended up in Dumpsters. Teachers told me things like, ‘Are you nuts? I wouldn’t put that sign up today,'” Zimmerman told me when I called in response to an email about the experience that he sent to the Journal Sentinel.

The green, blue and orange signs have gained popularity since candidate-turned-President Donald Trump called for a ban on Muslims entering the United States and proposed a huge wall along the Mexican border. So, yes, the signs are political as well as inviting.

Zimmerman, 69, of Elkhart Lake, was a teacher and administrator in Wisconsin for 35 years. He purchased the signs for $10 each from a food co-op in Madison in March. He had seen the message displayed during visits to Madison but not in Sheboygan County. He set out to remedy that, stopping at establishments he thought certainly would welcome the signs.

For more, visit Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. 

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