$7,500 award goes to Milwaukee small business owner

Trueman McGee, owner of Funky Fresh Spring Rolls.

As we’re celebrating national Small Business week, a Milwaukee business owner was notified that he is one among 10 winners nationwide to receive a FedEx Small Business Grant. The grant is $7,500 and FedEx offers $1,000 in FedEx Office services.

The owner of Funky Fresh Spring Rolls, Trueman McGee, told OnMilwaukee.com that he hopes the grant will help him launch his product into stores soon.

McGee, who was a former sheet metal worker, turned his life around and got healthy.

“I was done,” he says. “I didn’t like what I was doing. I was also at my heaviest weight. I weighed 300 pounds at the time. And I knew I needed to make some changes. In the end, I realized we only have one life, and I needed to start living like every day was my last.”

McGee made a huge change in his life and now uses that as inspiration for others.

Read more about McGee’s business Funky Fresh Spring Rolls at OnMilwaukee.com.