Small businesses take the spotlight this week


National Small Business week kicked off Monday, and continues through May 5. The week is a chance to celebrate and recognize the contributions small businesses across the county and in Wisconsin make to help us thrive.

To celebrate, there are various events happening around Milwaukee. For more, Jason Rae, executive director of the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce wrote an opinion for The Capital Times, in support of the diversity that small businesses bring to the state.

If we are truly supportive of small businesses and wish to grow our economy, let’s work harder to foster diversity in the Wisconsin marketplace. National Small Business Week is an opportunity to explore the strategies and tools available for doing so. It’s an opportunity to talk about why small businesses matter and the important role that diversity has in strengthening those small businesses.

At the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce, we are working every day to create a more welcoming and inclusive environment for LGBT-owned and allied-owned businesses. From supporting LGBT employees at area companies with the LGBT Workplace Alliance, to fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs with our Emerging Leaders Program, to opening up the supply chain to certified LGBT Business Enterprises, we are focused on make sure that the business community fully embraces the LGBT community.

For more, visit The Capital Times

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