Ron Johnson ‘not ready’ to support GOP health plan


WASHINGTON- Mitch McConnell may be regretting his decision to draft his health care proposal in secret. Senator Ron Johnson, responding to the fact that Senate Republicans are trying to rush the passage of their bill, has stated that he is ‘not ready’ to support the bill.

Repealing Obamacare has been a top goal of the Republican leadership for years, and now that the GOP has all of the power, they cannot function coherently enough to pass the bill. Townhalls all across the country have taught McConnell that there will be backlash to his bill, and his plot to draft the language in secret and force the bill through Congress may be failing.

Alam Fram and Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar at the Wisconsin State Journal report:

Senate Republicans launched their plan for shriveling Barack Obama’s health care law Thursday, edging a step closer to their dream of repeal with a bill that would slice and reshape Medicaid for the poor, relax rules on insurers and end tax increases on higher earners that have helped finance expanded coverage for millions.

Four conservative GOP senators, including Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson, quickly announced initial opposition to the measure and others were evasive, raising the specter of a jarring rejection by the Republican-controlled body. But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., indicated he was open to discussion and seemed determined to muscle the measure through his chamber next week.

Release of the 142-page proposal ended the long wait for one of the most closely guarded bills in years. McConnell stitched it together behind closed doors, potentially moving President Donald Trump and the GOP toward achieving perhaps their fondest goal — repealing former President Obama’s 2010 statute, his proudest domestic legacy.

Read more at the Wisconsin State Journal.

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