Senator Johnson calls scientists ‘arrogant’ as he rejects climate science

Ice falling from glacier in Alaska illustrating climate change
Ice falling from glacier in Alaska illustrating climate change

MADISON- Senator Ron Johnson displayed his ignorance on climate science recently when, in an interview with WKOW, he claimed that efforts to combat climate change are ‘arrogant’. Johnson stated that he believes humankind will thrive even as temperatures rise. Climate scientists agree that higher temperatures will mean flooding, crop failure, and extreme weather events. These dangers could increase global instability through worsening human health, famine, and mass migration.

Greg Neumann at WKOW reports:

Under the agreement, each nation will starting taking steps to curb greenhouse gas emissions beginning in 2020 in an attempt to keep temperatures and sea levels from rising.

But Senator Johnson said the deal is unenforceable and believes it won’t produced any real change.

“I’ve always questioned, why do we as men with our arrogance – men and women – that we think this is the sweet spot in global climate that we’ve got to spend hundreds of millions of dollars, maybe trillions of dollars trying to maintain this temperature,” said Sen. Johnson.

A vast majority of climate experts believe that if the earth’s temperature rises another 3.6 degrees, the planet will be at a point of no return.

Senator Johnson reiterated a statement he first made on the campaign trail last year, saying he believes mankind will thrive in warmer temperatures.

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