Photo Credit: Barns Courney's twitter account
Photo Credit: Barns Courney's twitter account

MILWAUKEE- Musician Barns Courtney broke his foot last Friday during a performance at Summerfest’s Miller Lite Oasis stage. Stage diving into an area without a crowd to catch him, Courtney broke his third metatarsal and fractured several other bones after landing directly on the ground. Despite his injury, Courtney still plans to put on a show on July 5th in Los Angeles.

Maddis Koss at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports:

Stage diving seems to be a regular thing during concerts, but one singer/songwriter made the jump at Summerfest without a crowd to brace his landing — which resulted in a broken foot.

But according to Barns Courtney himself, “#jumpingoffstagewasthebestideaihadallmonth.”

Courtney, who Billboard describes as a mix of Ed Sheeran and Mumford & Sons, took the stage June 30 at the Miller Lite Oasis with a performance that surely didn’t lack in emotion.

The 26-year-old, who spent most of his childhood in Seattle before returning back home to the United Kingdom at 15, shattered his third metatarsal and fractured many other bones when he landed, according to his Facebook page.

Courtney wrote on social media that his broken foot won’t stop him from playing Wednesday night at the Grove in Los Angeles, but “there will be less stage diving.”

Video of Courtney’s stage dive can be found at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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