MADISON- On Wednesday Democratic lawmakers introduced a bill which would create a “public option” for all Wisconsinites. Insurance through this public option would be government-run, and could lower costs for Wisconsinites who choose to buy into the system. Specifically, the state’s version of Medicaid, BadgerCare, would be made available to all citizens, being treated like other health insurance plans. This “BadgerCare for all” plan was introduced by state Sen. LaTonya Johnson and state Rep. Eric Genrich.

Lisa Neff at the Wisconsin Gazette reports:

Legislation introduced July 5 would create a “public option” for all Wisconsinites to purchase BadgerCare health coverage.

The legislation was offered by state Rep. Eric Genrich and state Sen. LaTonya Johnson, with support from Citizen Action of Wisconsin, an organization at the forefront of the campaign for health care reform in the state.

“Under our plan, BadgerCare would be treated like any other health insurance plan available on the federal marketplace for individuals and small businesses.” said Genrich, a Democrat from Green Bay. “It would be more affordable and more comprehensive than most other plans and it would be able to hold down the cost of prescription drugs that continue to skyrocket.”

If the measure became law, Wisconsinites and also small businesses could enroll in BadgerCare at full price. A public option offering would save consumers on average more than 15 percent compared with existing health insurance options in Dane County and more than 30 percent when compared with the lowest silver plan on average statewide.

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