Ex-roommate criticizes probable Senate candidate Kevin Nicholson


DELAFIELD- Kevin Nicholson’s Senate campaign has been all but announced for over a month now, and donations to pro-Nicholson PACs have been streaming in from donors like Richard Uihlein. Nicholson’s probable campaign is getting off to a rocky start though. Less than a month ago, it was suspected that Nicholson was poll-testing different versions of his past as a democrat and as a veteran. Just a few days ago, Nicholson’s former roommate Adam Tillotson took to social media to expose Nicholson as “self-serving, pugnacious, & narcissistic.”

Daniel Bice at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports:

The public vetting of probable U.S. Senate candidate Kevin Nicholson is getting a little messy.

First, there have been questions about the Republican’s politician’s voting record and past as a Democrat. It also appears Nicholson, a U.S. Marine veteran and businessman, or someone close to him has been polling to see how to frame Nicholson if he runs for U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin’s seat in 2018.

Now, one of Nicholson’s former college roommates at the University of Minnesota has begun attacking him on social media.

“I was @KevinMNicholson roommate in college,” wrote Adam Tillotson. “He is everything that is wrong with politics – self serving, pugnacious, & narcissistic #fraud”


Tillotson, the president of the the Wayzata Education Association in Minnesota, wrote a detailed post in a comment on Nicholson’s Facebook page. The comment has since been removed.

In the post, Tillotson said his former roommate was obsessed with becoming president, even getting a license plate that read ARFS1, short for Air Force One. Nicholson, he said, was also concerned about getting photographed drinking beer or kissing his girlfriend in public for fear it might be used against him one day.

Tillotson was most critical of the way he said Nicholson sometimes bullied or berated others, especially women.

“Everything was about Kevin,” Tillotson said in an interview. “He’s a more polished and more educated version of Donald Trump.”

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