CALEDONIA- The race for Wisconsin’s first congressional district has been heating up lately, and ironworker Randy Bryce has been enjoying a meteoric rise. Bryce, who has worked as an activist in the labor movement, recently got the endorsement of the Service Employees International Union. Specifically, Bryce got the endorsement of the SEIU’s Wisconsin State Council. Bryce is running against House Speaker Paul Ryan, a decidedly anti-labor politician.

Staff at The Wisconsin Gazette report:

The Service Employees International Union Wisconsin State Council endorsed Democrat Randy Bryce in his bid for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District. Speaker Paul Ryancurrently holds the seat.

“Randy Bryce is a champion for the hard working people of Wisconsin,” said registered nurse and SEIU Wisconsin State Council president, Dian Palmer. “During our Fight for $15, Randy Bryce stood shoulder to shoulder with us to help raise wages for hardworking people in Southeast Wisconsin.”

She continued, “At every round of the fight against Scott Walker and his corporate agenda, Randy was right there with us, organizing tirelessly. It’s time we repeal and replace Paul Ryan with an individual who has demonstrated a unique understanding of the issues we face. Randy Bryce shares our passion for change, and we are enthusiastically supporting his candidacy.”

Read more at The Wisconsin Gazette.

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