MILWAUKEE- The Milwaukee Bucks will be celebrating the opening of their new practice facility Thursday. The Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin Sports Science Center boasts many amenities designed to recruit players and make players feel at home. This facility is the first of two to be opening in Downtown Milwaukee, and a new arena should be opening next year.

James B. Nelson at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports:

The Milwaukee Bucks celebrate the opening of their new practice facility Thursday, a key moment for both the renaissance of the team and downtown Milwaukee.

The building carries a long name — the Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Sports Science Center — and a simple message: the Milwaukee Bucks have arrived in downtown Milwaukee.

And they’re doing it in a top-shelf, high tech fashion — a $31 million building that’s a science and sports performance lab and training center surrounded by an astonishing array of amenities to make the players feel at home. The Bucks paid for the building privately.

“I believe this is a real weapon to recruit players,” said Mike Fascitelli, a New York real estate executive who’s part of the Bucks ownership group. “We wanted it to be very state of the art, very futuristic.”

He added: “We paid attention to every detail. We designed it from the outside in.”

The facility is the first to be opened by the Bucks’ new ownership team, which believes it satisfies the twin goals of building a championship team and improving the community.

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