CALEDONIA- Randy Bryce’s campaign has gotten off to a great start, winning support from organizations like the SEIU and other unions, his former opponent David Yankovich, who moved to the district to run against Paul Ryan, and many working people and voters. Now, as Bryce continues to rise, he has won the support of one of America’s largest pro-choice organization, NARAL Pro-Choice America.

Staff at The Wisconsin Gazette report:

NARAL Pro-Choice America this week endorsed congressional candidate Randy Bryce in his bid to take back Wisconsin’s first district.

Bryce, a Democrat campaigning for the congressional seat held by House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., received the backing of a leading pro-choice advocacy group because of his strong commitment to stand up for women and families.

The statement from NARAL said Bryce’s made clear that protecting and expanding women’s access to reproductive health care including abortion is a top priority for him.

As a veteran, iron worker, father and cancer survivor, few people have a better understanding of the issues hardworking Americans​ face today than Randy Bryce, the statement said.

“For too long Speaker Ryan has cared more about his donors in Washington D.C. than he has the women and families of southeast Wisconsin,” said NARAL president Ilyse Hogue. “Now, arm in arm with Donald Trump, he carries out cruel and careless attempts to destroy our healthcare and still has no plan to make our lives better. But Randy has a plan to counter the GOP’s out-of-touch fringe agenda. The momentum Randy is building with his progressive and pro-choice message is proof that people are ready for new leadership.”

She continued, “NARAL is proud to endorse Randy Bryce and we look forward to working together to take back the House and stand up for the reproductive freedom of all Americans.”

Bryce responded: “I’m honored to have the endorsement of the members of NARAL Pro-Choice America and I thank Ilyse and her team for their leadership.”

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