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An expert on the Chinese economy has stated that he is skeptical of Foxconn's job claims.

Expert on Chinese economy skeptical of Foxconn’s jobs promise

BEIJING, CHINA- Einar Tangen, an expert on the Chinese economy, stated in an interview with Wisconsin Public Television that he is skeptical of Foxconn's jobs...
Green jobs may be the key to a prosperous economy

Gregory Hitch: Green Bay should invest in green jobs

GREEN BAY- Over the past few decades, industry and manufacturing have scaled back in Wisconsin, and no longer provide the kind of jobs that...
Cranberry growers are facing economic woes despite high yields

Wisconsin’s cranberry growers face hardship after year of high yields

MADISON- Wisconsin's cranberry growers are facing a tough economic situation despite record yields. According to the Department of Agriculture, Wisconsin produced 6.13 million barrels...
Oscar Mayer's Madison plant has finished production

Production ends at Oscar Mayer plant

MADISON- Production at the Oscar Mayer factory in Madison finished Thursday. The factory, which has been a source of jobs and a fixture of...
WI State Capitol during anti-Walker protests

Scott Walker has still not met jobs promise from first campaign

MADISON- A new report by PolitiFact Wisconsin shows that Scott Walker still has not reached his goal of 250,000 new jobs, which he promised...
Speaker Paul Ryan has spent much of his career advocating for lower corporate tax rates

Speaker Ryan seeks lower corporate taxes

WASHINGTON- While speaking to the National Association for Manufacturers on Tuesday, Speaker Paul Ryan advocated for conservative tax reform. Specifically, Ryan said that corporate...
GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt. Photo Credit: WikiMedia user SarekOfVulcaan

GE plant moves to Canada on Paul Ryan’s watch

WAUKESHA- Workers in Waukesha are despairing as a General Electric (GE) plant begins its move to Ontario, Canada. The factory's 350 floor workers will...
Rep. Dianne Hesselbein critiques Walker's handling of the economy

Rep. Hesselbein: Wisconsin economy lags under Walker

MADISON- Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages shows that Wisconsin continues to fall behind in private...
Fresh bread in a bakery

Vos proposes bill to eliminate safety regulation on bakeries

MADISON- Last week, a statewide ban on selling home-baked goods was found to be unconstitutional. This week, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has decided to...
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