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The Senate's budget plan would push voucher costs onto schools

GOP plan would push costs for vouchers onto districts

MADISON- According to the new budget plan released by Senate Republicans, a growing amount of cost for Wisconsin's voucher programs would be pushed onto...
The Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center will be pivoting toward new crops

Grant will shift UW-Madison research center toward new biofuels

MADISON- UW-Madison's Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center recently received a major grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, and will be using the money...
A GOP sponsored bill in the Assembly would require superintendents to develop gun safety education curricula

GOP legislators propose gun training in schools

MADISON- Though the legislature is over a week overdue on passing a budget, members of the state Assembly seem content to spend their time...
UW Madison professors are fighting a proposal for unfair leadership at the Tommy Thompson Center

Professors push for fair leadership at Tommy Thompson Center

MADISON- The Tommy Thompson Center on Public Leadership, which was designed to promote conservative thought at UW-Madison, is looking more partisan by the day....
State Republicans aim to restrict speech on UW campuses

GOP bill restricting speech on campus passes Assembly

MADISON- The Republican-led Assembly has passed a bill cracking down on 'disruptive' speech on University of Wisconsin campuses. Though the bill's supporters have said...
Wisconsin Assembly members will be voting on a bill to restrict speech on campus

Assembly to vote on restricting speech on UW campuses

MADISON- On Wednesday, the Assembly will be voting on several pieces of legislation. Included among the bills to be voted on is a bill...
Rep. Loudenbeck

Disagreements over education may delay state budget

MADISON- State Republicans are still embroiled in budget arguments. Much of the disagreement regards state funding of K-12 education. Republicans in the Senate and the...
University of Wisconsin-Madison Science Hall. Photo by WikiMedia user Hakkun

Proposed Trump cuts would disrupt research at UW-Madison

MADISON- According to University of Wisconsin-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank, cuts proposed by the Trump administration would severely disrupt research at the state's flagship university....
Rep. Jesse Kremer

Lawmaker angry over response to belief that Earth is 6,000 years old

MADISON- Rep. Jesse Kremer (R-Kewaskum), has stated that the media's reaction to his claim on the age of the Earth illustrates the need for his...
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