Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Rep. Thomas Weatherston's anti-Sharia bill is a thinly veiled attack on American Muslims

GOP lawmakers propose bill authored by known white supremacist

MADISON- The hateful nature of today's Republican party is on full display right now, with a number of Republican lawmakers working to pass a...
Union leader Randy Bryce is enjoying a meteoric rise

Union leader Randy Bryce raises $430k in first 12 days

CALEDONIA- Union leader, ironworker, and Democratic candidate for Congress Randy Bryce is enjoying a meteoric rise in politics. In the first 12 days of...
Asian carp pose a huge threat to the Great Lakes

Asian carp threatens Great Lakes as Trump does nothing

CHICAGO, IL- Invasive asian carp have passed a barrier near Chicago, just nine miles from Lake Michigan. These fish pose a great ecological threat to...
Wisconsin Assembly Map

Gerrymandering benefited GOP in Wisconsin

MADISON- Analysis from the Associated Press has provided further evidence on the effect of gerrymandering on Wisconsin's elections. Using information from 435 House Races and...
Wisconsin state budget deadline is approaching quickly

Budget deadline fast approaching

MADISON- Wisconsin's current budget runs out on June 30th, and at this point, it looks like state Republicans will fail to pass a budget...
State republicans still arguing over transportation

State Republicans still fighting over transportation

MADISON- As the June 30th budget deadline approaches, Republican lawmakers are still divided on key issues. In particular, transportation funding and K-12 education have been...
Wisconsin dairy farm

Hateful rhetoric toward immigrants drives away Wisconsinites

PEPIN COUNTY, WISCONSIN- Hateful rhetoric coming from the White House is driving hard-working Wisconsinites away from the United States. Wisconsin's dairy industry attracts many...
Sheriff David Clarke. Photo by Gage Skidmore (CC-BY-SA)

Sheriff Clarke retracts statements on Homeland Security job

MILWAUKEE- It appears that, at least for the moment, Milwaukee County is stuck with Sheriff Clarke and all the unprofessional antics and incompetence he...
Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel, who has defended Republican-led gerrymandering

Supreme Court takes up Wisconsin gerrymandering

WASHINGTON- The Supreme Court of the United States declared that it will hear arguments on Wisconsin's gerrymandered election maps. Specifically, the case will be...
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