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Randy Bryce has won the support of NARAL Pro-Choice America.

NARAL endorses Randy Bryce

CALEDONIA- Randy Bryce's campaign has gotten off to a great start, winning support from organizations like the SEIU and other unions, his former opponent...
Randy Bryce has won the endorsement of the SEIU

Randy Bryce wins SEIU endorsement

CALEDONIA- The race for Wisconsin's first congressional district has been heating up lately, and ironworker Randy Bryce has been enjoying a meteoric rise. Bryce, who...
Kevin Nicholson has officially announced that he is running for U.S. Senate. Photo credit: Still image from Nicholson for Senate YouTube video

Kevin Nicholson announces run for Senate

DELAFIELD- Former Democrat Kevin Nicholson has officially announced that he is running for U.S. Senate against Tammy Baldwin. Nicholson has been plagued by bad...
Potential Senate Candidate Eric Hovde. Photo Credit: (CC BY-SA 2.0):

Potential Republican Senate candidates back Obamacare repeal

MADISON- As the primary fields for 2018 begin filling up, potential GOP candidates for Senate have taken the opportunity to increase their name recognition...
Members of the SEIU demonstrated against Paul Ryan on Thursday.

Union demonstrators rally against Paul Ryan

LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS- Protesters swarmed House Speaker Paul Ryan on Thursday, holding a demonstration as Ryan spoke about tax reform. Ryan was speaking at a...
Speaker Paul Ryan has not hosted a town hall in over 600 days

Confirmed: Paul Ryan has not held town hall in over 600 days

SE WISCONSIN- Congressional challenger Randy Bryce has been targeting Speaker Paul Ryan on his failure to communicate with his constituents. Bryce frequently notes that...
Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald's new budget is designed to jump-start stalling budget talks

Fitzgerald and other Senate Republicans reveal new budget plan

MADISON- In an attempt to solve the one-party gridlock facing the state Republican party, State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald has revealed a new...
Walker's push to drug test recipients of public benefits appears hypocritical to liberals

Walker pushed drug testing after taking donation from marijuana industry

MADISON- Governor Scott Walker is facing heat from Democrats after liberals pointed out that Walker has been pushing for greater drug testing for public...
State Rep. Dale Kooyenga stole a man's protest sign last week

Sponsor of ‘free speech’ bill steals protest sign

MADISON- On Friday, a Republican lawmaker admitted to stealing an 80-year-old man's protest sign. State Rep. Dale Kooyenga allegedly stole the sign because it...
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