Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Walker's economic policies are not designed for the 21st century

Governor Walker is trying to bring back yesterday’s jobs

MADISON- Governor Walker's economic policies are failing. The recent opportunity for a Foxconn plant to come to Wisconsin, with all of the incentives that Wisconsin's...
Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer has raised more controversy about Russian meddling

Paul Ryan tries to deflect questions on Trump Jr. meeting

WASHINGTON- With information coming out about Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer, Paul Ryan has been avoiding questions on the matter. When...
Kevin Nicholson is facing criticism over inaction on veterans home conditions

Ex-roommate criticizes probable Senate candidate Kevin Nicholson

DELAFIELD- Kevin Nicholson's Senate campaign has been all but announced for over a month now, and donations to pro-Nicholson PACs have been streaming in...
Speaker Ryan continues to defend his practice of avoiding his district's voters

Ryan defends health care plan and closed town halls

MADISON- At a news conference on Friday, Paul Ryan made comments on Russian interference in the 2016 election, health care, and his avoidance of...
Speaker Ryan has a long track record of ignoring his constituents

Ryan continues to ignore constituents at private ‘town hall’

OAK CREEK- Speaker Ryan has been criticized lately for avoiding his constituents. For years, Ryan has hosted closed-off town halls over the phone or...
Budget talks continue to stall

Vos calls on businesses to fix road funding

MADISON- The legislature is nearly a week late on passing the state budget for the financial year which began on July 1st. With the...
GOP leaders like Paul Ryan disguise their hateful policies through calls for 'civility'

Op-Ed: GOP Congresspeople cry for ‘civility’ as they attack civil rights

WASHINGTON- "President Trump took to Twitter" is becoming a common phrase American media these days. Nearly every week, Trump fires off a series of poorly-thought...
Eric Hovde paid no state income tax in 2015

Potential Senate candidate Eric Hovde paid no 2015 state income tax

MADISON- Eric Hovde, a millionaire who may be running for Senate in 2018 as a Republican, did not pay any Wisconsin income tax in...
Sen. Ron Johnson wants to remove protections for people with preexisting condition.

Johnson wants to kill protections for patients with preexisting conditions

WASHINGTON- Senator Ron Johnson has been one of the few Republican senators who has publicly announced disapproval of the Senate's healthcare overhaul bill. At...
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